Whenever the loading screen appears a box with 'Tips' appears. There is currently 48 tips. Click on the box to go through each tip.

Loading Screen

Loading Screen Tips Included


001 It takes time to download the data of new areas.

002 Check how many percentages of EXP you need to level up at the bottom left of the screen.

003 The current channel is shown at the bottom left of screen.

004 EXP Gain from monsters decreases as your level gets higher than their levels.

005 You can check the chat log by dragging the chat log upwards.

006 You can acquire new skills at the library in Sofya City.

007 You can use multiple characters by using Character Slots.

008 You can get stat and skill points from emblems.

009 Monsters give up chasing when you are 24 meters away from them.

010 You need to make monsters fall down or flinch.

011 If a monster has multiple breakable parts, the nearest part will show  up.

012 Spina is required to create equipment at the Blacksmiths', but it never fails.

013 Hold the action button and the target list will show up.

014 You can set shortcuts from Menu > Settings.

015 Select a character and invite to a party.

016 Select a character and add as a friend.

017 You can use "Whisper" and "Invite to Party" from the friend list.

018 You will not take damage even if you fall from a high place.

019 The resurrection time will be largely saved if you receive First-Aid from other players.

020 Please refrain from occupying World Chat.

021 The effects and duration of some skills can be changed by the equipment.

022 As a guild levels up, its capacity will increase.

023 When a guild reaches Lv10, Guild Bar will be available.

024 You can enter the maze underground from Guild Bar.

025 Once you use an item you need to wait 10sec to use an item again.

026 The equipment created by the skill "Create Equipment" in sellable and tradeable.

027 The damage may decrease if you continue the same attack.

028 As the percentage next to Weapon ATK gets lower, the damage becomes more unstable.

029 When you are in a party, tap a party member's HP bar and Support Menu will open.

030 You can learn the next skill when you level up the previous skill to Lv5.

031 You can create Orb x1 with Orb Shard x100.

032 The data of Guild Maze will be reset every month (JST).

033 The chests in Guild Maze vary depending on the day.

034 You need to set Screenshot button on a shortcut button to take a screenshot.

035 You can restore MP by attacking monsters.

036 Some monsters will attack you when you approach them. 

037 If all the party members are defeated in boss battles, the waiting time to revive will stop.

038 Tap and hold a monster to untarget it and change the target.

039 You need to distribute stat points to build up your character.

040 The attack with status ailment will not interrupt your magic.

041 You can change Camera settings from Settings.

042 Breaking parts of bosses affects item drops.

043 Collect 100 Ticket Pieces and you can create an Avatar Ticket with them.

044 Will a 30-Day ticket is in effect, Ticker Piece will be gifted everyday by logging in the game.

045 You can accompany another character in your account as a Partner.

046 You can accompany a friend's or guild member's character as a Mercenary.

047 If you learn 10 skills, you can use Combo System to consecutively use skills.

048 You can dye your equipment with the equipment that has color information.