These are weapons used by Casters and they come with stats that modify spells. This is most commonly done by adding magic or elemental damage to your spell but some special staffs can also reduce cast time. These weapons should be equipped in order to use active Magic Skills, but are no longer necessary for using them.


Name Base

Attack /


Stats Materials to Craft Price / Location
Rod 10 (60%) Atk MP Recovery +1 Wood x3 5s / Pomum
Wind Staff 17 (60%) Wind Element

MATK -10%

Cast Speed +200

Butterfly Wing x20

Wood x25

50s / Nemico
Mage Rod 25 (60%) MaxMP +100 Nisel Wood x20

Orange Crystal

Fragment x20

Wood x50

100s / Roar
Water Staff 32 (60%) Water Element

DEX +3

Aggro -10%


Gem x10

Fire Resistant

Fabric x30

Wood x50

Metal x25

150s / Elizard
Ooze Staff 49 (60%) MATK +1%

VIT +2%

MaxHP +12%

Aggro -8%

Luminous Magic

Water x5

New Moon

Stone x5

Beast x400

Mana x50

450s / Ooze
Rock Staff 44 (60%) Earth Element

Def +5%

Guard Rate +3%

Physical Resistance +1%

Lutaros Stone x20

Magic Marionette

Heart x5

Wood x75

Metal x25

200s / Goblin
Libra 1 (30%) MATK -50%

Cast Speed +1000

Black Miasma x5

Minotaur Horn x1

Cloth x40

Mana x35


Special / Limited-Time Staves Edit

Name Base



Stats Materials to Craft Price / Location
Lolipop Staff 35 (60%) Light Element

MaxMP +100

Natural HP Regen +3%

Jack-o'-Lantern x15 10s

Halloween Event

Magic Devices Edit

Magic Devices can be used as a 2h primary weapon or as a sub-weapon.

Name Base



Stats Materials to Craft Price / Location
Magi Klug 5 (70%) Water Element

MaxMP +100

Pale Gem x10

Mana x3

5s / Quest
Magic Feather 8 (70%) MaxMP +100

Attack Speed +5%

Turbid Crystal x5

Mana x15

Cloth x10

50s / Farfalla
Magi Vein 12 (70%) MaxMP +100

Evasion Rate +1%

Cast Speed +3

Little Wyvern Wing x5

Icule Water x5

Mana x20

Cloth x30

Whirlwind 17 (70%) Wind Element

MATK +1%

Short Range Damage +1%

Breeze Crystal x5

Sweet-Smelling Wood x20

Mana x30

Metal x45

150s / Devil's Book
Elflame 20 (70%) Fire Element

MaxMP +100

Magic Resistance +2%

Fire Resistance +3%

Wandering Spirit x5

Lava Crystal x5

Metal x40

Mana x35

Metal Wings 24 (70%) MaxMP +200

Critical Rate +4

Evasion Rate +5%

Dented Iron Plate x30

Saham Crystal x20

Metal x150

Mana x50

200s / Mage Marionette
Vita Cores 27 (70%) Water Element

MaxHP +5%

Stability +5%

DEF +5%

Physical Resistance +5%

Magic Armor Fragment x15

Runestone x1

New Moon Stone x5

Mana x500


Special / Limited-Time Magic Devices Edit

Name Base



Stats Materials to Craft Price / Location
Halloween Bat 20 (70%) Wind Element

Attack Mp Recovery +2

Magic Pierce +1%

Jack-o'-Lantern x15 10s

Halloween Event