Special Gear is the 5th slot of your Equipment page in Toram Online. Special Gear have many different effects.

** Boss drop equipment's stats varies from crafted equipment **


Special Gear can be obtained from boss drops, mob drops or crafting (NPC Blacksmith, or w/ Smith Skills).

Name Base Def Stats. Drop Crafting Mats
Knight's Talisman 0 Max Mp+250

Aggro +25%

? -Zoktzda x25

-Wandering Spirit x5

-Cloth x50

-Wood x25

Magician's Ring 0 Max MP+1000

Atk -25%

Matk -25%

? Pebble x99
Magic Swordsman's Ring 0 MaxMP +250

Aggro -25%

? Pabble/Stone x99
Mirage Ring 0 Evasion Rate +25%

Physical Res -50%

Magical Res -50%

? -Crystal Shard x25

-Broken Magic

Lantern x1

-Metal +75pt

Philosopher's Ring 0 MP+300



(Manor Under

Cultivation Area 1)

Purple Stone Ring 0 Max Mp+200



? -Purple Gemstone x1

-Divine Bird's Tear x5

-Bead Fragment x10

-Wood +75pt

Hard Arm Guard 0 MaxHP +400

Attack Speed -10%

? -Minotaur Hoof x15

-Fluffy Fur x25

-Cracked Stone x25

-Cloth x50

Spy's Talisman 0 ? -Fire Resistant Fabric x25

-Clot of Black Mist x5

-Cloth x50

-Wood x25