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Apart from 1 skill, Shot Skills can only be used with the bow and the bowgun (crossbow). Bows have a higher chance of causing the various' skills effects, and can only equip arrows as subweapons. Bowguns can be equipped with any subweapon, and skills are more efficient with dealing damage compared to bows.

Skill DescriptionsEdit


1. Power Shot- (MP 100) "Shoot the target with stronger power. The charging time reduces as the skill levels up. You have a chance to make the target Fall Down. "

A long ranged, but very slow attack that causes "Tumble".

  • 40% more effective to tumble with bow than bowguns
  • Does more damage with bowguns, and the time to attack is shorter.

Tumble interrupts the enemy's current attack, causes them to fall down to the ground for a short stun time and triggers "Tap" on bosses. Tap boss to trigger "Break".

2. Bullseye- (MP 200) "Consecutively shoot at a point. The damage dealt increases attack by attack."

Combo attack at a long range. Deals more damage with bows, but penetrates enemy defense/armor with bowguns. Stems from Power Shot.

3. Arrow Rain- (MP 300) "Shoot a lot of arrows to the sky. The arrows fall down at intervals and deal damage."

Ranged fighters' AoE skill. Area is larger with bows but does more damage with bowguns. Ranged fighter's 2nd most damaging attack next to Snipe. Stems from Power Shot.

4. Moeba Shot- (MP 100) Shoot with sticky liquid. You have a chance to Slow Down the target.

Slow down the movement speed of enemies. 20% more effective to slow with bow, 50% more damage with bowgun. Counts as water element.

5. Paralysis Shot- (MP 300) Shoot with poison of paralysis. You have a chance to Paralyze the target.

Slow down the aspd of enemies. 20% more effective to paralyze with bow, 50% more damage with bowgun. Counts as wind (electric) element.

6. Shot Mastery- Passive skill Get better at using bows and bowguns. ATK of Bows and Bowguns increases.

Bow and bowgun attack increases by very little with each skill point in here.

7. Sneak Attack- (MP 200) No weapon restriction. Hide yourself and turn Aggro away. Certain attacks don't get Aggro after this skill.

Decrease Aggro when playing in a party, causing enemies to more likely pursue your teammates instead. Does no damage. This is the only Shot Skill that can be used when equipped with a different weapon, but the MP cost is 400 without a bow, bowgun or arrow (subweapon) equipped.

8. Long Range- Passive skill Get better at attacking from a distance. The damage increases by attacking 8m or more far from enemies.

A passive skill that increases the damage when the enemy is further than 8m away by a small amount.

Shot Skills level 3 are not included in the photograph. They are:

9. Snipe- (MP 400) "Snipe a weak point. The charge time decreases as the skill levels up. You have a chance to inflict Guard Break."

10. Smoke Dust- (MP 500) "An attack with a smokescreen. You have a chance to Blind the target."

11. Quick Draw- Passive skill, no weapon restriction. "Quickly prepare for the next move. You have little chance to restore MP a little when you succeed in attacking with a skill."