Roar is a flame looking type spirit found in Ruined Temple: Area 2 and 3. In the Ruined Temple: Area 2 the Roar is Level 21. Roar can drop the following items: Fairy Feather, Mage Rod, and a few other items.

Roar is a passive mob, meaning it will not attack unless provoked.

*For those who want to hunt Roars, they deal quite a bit of damage if given time to attack. So the best strategy is to take them down within a few shots. This is quite easy to do as their health and defense appears rather low.


  • Ruined Temple Area 2 (Level 21)
  • Ruined Temple Area 3


  • Fairy Feather
  • Glowing Dust
  • Mage Rod
  • Magiadd
  • HP+100

Trivia Edit

The Roar is actually more of a broad class of spirit, with many other versions appearing. These include the Voda Roar, the Wind Roar, the Nightmare Roar, and the Flame Roar, to name a few.