Pain Leaf

Pain Leaf


A leaf-like plant creature that has a spiky tip on its head and tail. 

Pain Leaf is a passive mob, meaning it will not attack unless provoked*.

*This is assuming you are of higher level than the Pain Leaf. If you are a lower level, or the same level, there is a chance of the Pain Leaf attacking.


  • Isthmus of Kaus (Level 18 and 19)
  • Haotas Ravine (Level 44 and 46)


  • Flower Nectar
  • Iron Knuckle (Isthmus of Kaus)
  • Tree Root (Isthmus of Kaus)
  • Vine (Isthmus of Kaus)
  • Poison Essence (Haotas Ravine)
  • Stier (Haotas Ravine)
  • Young Branch (Haotas Ravine)