Boss Monster that appears in the story line.

Location Edit

Ruined temple: Forbidden hall



  • Minotaur Knuckles
    • Base ATK: 23 - 28 (85%)
    • Fire Element
    • Critical Rate +10
    • Accuracy -20%
  • Minotaur Staff
    • Base ATK: 34 - 38 (55%)
    • Fire Element
    • Attack MP Recovery +2
    • Attack Speed -10%
  • Minotaur Katana
    • Base ATK: 16 (70%)
    • Fire Element
    • Accuracy +5
    • Fire Resistance +10%


  • Minotaur Hoof (Commonly dropped)
  • Minotaur Skin (Commonly dropped in hard and above)
  • Minotaur Horn (rare)
  • Damascus Ore (commonly dropped in hard and above)
  • Soft Reptile Skin

Xtal (Crysta)Edit

  • HP +5%
  • Attack Speed +10%

Attacks Edit

The Minotaur has an AoE (Area of Effect) attack directly around it. If you are caught, a burning status will be inflicted, dealing damage over time.

The Minotaur also has smaller ranged attacks that produce smaller red circles on the floor than his AoE attack. These circles will slow you down if you are hit by them. This is bad since the Minotaur tends to attack with two slowness attacks before charging, unless he is interrupted.

The Minotaur has a charge attack which will knock you over and set you on fire if you are caught in it.