Mauez is the ninth boss which the adventurer will fight against in Toram Online in the storyline. He is the boss of New Moon Palace: Innermost 


Not much is known about Mauez's past, other than he is trained with powerful magic skills, in which he later became a high-class magician, thus earning himself with the title "Moon Wizard". In an unknown period, he met Naiata and Majua, another two high-class magicians, who would later be known as "Star Wizard" and "Sun Wizard" respectively.

In one ocassion, the trio intended to seek the Lost God, whom they believed he would restore the world. To summon him, they travelled to a Resistile town to seek help from the local magicians, in which they agreed due to the trio's high social class. They began a ritual near the town and successfully opened the Gate. However, the plan did not go as intended when the Lost God turned out to be Nurethoth, the God of Delso. He summoned deformed monsters from the Outerworld and invaded the town, devouring most of the residents and laying waste to the town, which would be known as Lost Town.

Mauez and his friends attempted to fend off Nurethoth's invasion, but he lost his face and most of his left body, while Naiata lost her eyesight and her left ear. On the other hand, Majua sacrificed himself as a seal to close the gate and successfully stopped the invasion, despite the consequences faced by them. He and Naiata claimed that "even a town is a trivial sacrifice to restore the world".

After the invasion, Mauez acquired life-support suit to maintain his survival, before he and Naiata went to separate ways. Then, he settled in New Moon Palace and created magical guards such as marionettes. It is unknown when he met a Cule named Tecaca, but he appointed him as a sponsor for the trials he set up, as well as his courier to connect Naiata, who settled in Saham Underground Cave.

Events of Toram Online Edit

In Chapter 2: Search for Holy Gems! - Trials in the Palace, the Adventurer and Pelulu, a Cule merchant must overcome his trials in favor from Tecaca. The trials include gathering Swordsman Master Coins from swordsman marionettes, activating three switches in order and confronting Mauez in person.

Mauez first appeared in The Moon Wizard of the same chapter, after the Adventurer and Pelulu overcame the first two trials. Pelulu is initially confused about why he wears an armor as it is unusual for a wizard, but Mauez explained that his armor functions as life support, though his magic skills remain intact. After the conversation, the Adventurer confronted Mauez as the final trial.

After the Adventurer defeated him, Mauez tells the duo about the tragedy whom he, Naiata and Majua faced in the past. He senses the presence of deformed monsters recently, and he fears that another invasion would come to Toram. He insists the Adventurer to help him prevent the invasion from happening, in which the Adventurer agrees, before Mauez rewards them Proof of Victory to show it to Tecaca.

In Chapter 3: Battle with the Ancient God - The Stolen Sorcery Gem, the duo revisits Mauez to complete the refinement of Sorcery Gem made by Naiata. However, Mauez couldn't do so because the refinement is already complete. He suggests them to let a god or goddess they know to finish the work, before the duo leaves his palace.

Boss Info Edit

In Normal difficulty, he is a Level 55 boss. Recommended level is 52. 

  • Element: Water - Weak against Wind
  • Gear Drops: Magic bowgun [Attack MP Recovery +1, ATK +2%Cast Speed +150], Vita cores [MaxHP +5%, Stability +5%, DEF +5%, Physical Resistance +5%]
  • Item Drops: Runestone, Magic Armor Fragment, Mauez Broken Rod
  • Xtal: Mauez Blue [MaxMp+150, Crit Rate +2, Acc-4%]