Fish Bone


Item Name Process Amount Drops From Sale Price
Use for Crafting
Animal Horn 3 pt Lavarca 3s
Big Mane 7 pt Boar 6s
Bird Wing 2 pt Pico


1s Adventurer's Garb
Brutal Dragon Claw 10 pt Brutal Dragon Decel 9s Brutal Dragon Sword
Brutal Dragon Tail 8 pt Brutal Dragon Decel 7s Brutal Dragon Sword
Dragon Bone Bone Dragonnewt Rapier
Fire Feather 3 pt Flame Butterfly 3s
Fish Scale 3 pt Turquoise Lionfish 3s
Flare Volg Claw 6 pt Flare Volg 6s
Flare Volg Horn Flare Volg Volcanic Sword
Fluffy Fur 3 pt Raffy


Forest Wolf Claw 3 pt Forest Wolf 3s
Forest Wolf Horn 5 pt Forest Wolf 5s
Geometric Feather Miragela Elsand
Goblin Claw Goblin Adel Sword
Jagged Fang 4 pt Miwi
3s Gladius
Little Wyvern Fang 3 pt Rutin 3s
Long Beak 3 pt Pico 3s
Minotaur Horn Minotaur Minotaur Staff
Mochelo Claw Mochelo 8s
Ominous Horns 11 pt Gespenst 10s
Potum Nail 2 pt Vanilla Potum
King Potum
Miracle Potum
1s Cat Paw
Rat Hair 2 pt Corda
Rat Tooth Ratia
Reptile Bone 6 pt Elizard 5s Vaccine II
Sharp Fang 3 pt Death Hound 3s Longblade


Short Nail 6 pt Raffy


Skeleton Bone 3 pt Skeleton 3s
Soft Hair 5 pt Raffy 5s
Thick Beak 4 pt Beak 3s Heavy Blade
Twisted Horn 6 pt Wooly
Yorl Goat
Wind Slash Feather 7 pt Pico 5s

Speed Talisman

Frog webbed foot 6 pt Fin Frog


Item Name Process Amount Drops From Sale Price Use for Crafting
Ancient Stone Slab 9 pt Ruin Golem 9s
Athema Stone 4 pt Rio Frosch 3s Fightwear
Black Crystal Fragment 5 pt 4s
Broken Farm Tool 6 pt Crow Killer
Broken Metal 4 pt Goblin 5s Great Sword

Forest Wolf Bow

Chaos Stone Rutin

Iron Shield

Forest Wolf Cape

Iron Bow

Cracked Stone 4 pt Torpo
Stone Knight
3s Guard Potion


Hard Arm Guard

Cracked Stone Skin Rocksaur Soldier Sword
Coal 6 pt Calron 5s
Damascus Ore Stone Soldier Scimitar


Metal Horn Bow

Dented Little Helmet 6 pt Soldier Rat 5s
Dirty Nail 6 pt Torpo 5s Bowgun
Fatigued Blade 6 pt Skeleton 5s Longblade


Fine Sand Sand Frosch Rapier

Steel Leaf Bow

Goblin Medal 5 pt Boss Goblin 5s
Hematite 3 pt Cobre
Helm Colon
Red Jelly
Ruins Rat
Eerie Crystal
2s Strengthen Equipment


Iron 4 pt Synthesis

The Walking Plants

20s Strengthen Equipment

Stubborn Hammer

Lava Fragment 3 pt Savaran 3s
Lonogo Stone Cliff Pico Sword of Sin
Lutaros Stone 6 pt Stone Soldier 5s
Nicked Blade 2 pt Goblin 2s Gladius
Orange Crystal Fragment 3 pt Cobre 3s Mage Rod
Pebble 2 pt Colon
1s Magician's Ring

Magic Swordsman's Ring

Relic Scrap 3 pt Goblin 3s
Saw-Toothed Edge Gob Roga Bone Blade
Scythe Blade 12 pt Gespenst 10s
Sharp Rock Fragment 3 pt Stone Soldier 3s
Small Article 5 pt Goblin 6s Knuckle Duster
Twinkle Stone 5 pt Aqua Jelly

Rio Frosch

3s Kiraboshi
Zoktzda Stone 4 pt Stone
Ruin Golem
5s Fightwear


Item Name Process Amount Drops From Sale Price Use for Crafting
Animal Skin 2 pt Raffy 1s Buckler


Mage Hat

Bat Wing 2 pt Nemico 1s
Black Fur 5 pt Death Hound 5s Kuwagumo
Broken Linen Thread 2 pt Crow Killer
Butterfly Wing 4 pt Farfalla 3s Butterfly Ribbon

Mage Robe Wind Staff

Damaged Parchment 5 pt Devil's Book 5s
Dirty Cloth 2 pt Goblin 2s
Fairy Feather 5 pt Roar
Wind Roar
Voda Roar
Fire Resistant Fabric 6 pt Fire Ghost 5s Water Staff
Forest Wolf Skin 6 pt Forest Wolf 5s Forest Wolf Cape

Cat Paws

Frog Skin 2 pt Frosch 1s
Gluey Skin Ooze Ooze Lamina

Ooze Armor

Goatskin 3 pt Yorl Goat 2s
Gorgeous Fur 12 pt Lavarca 10s Hunter's Garb

Leather Cap

Straye Garb

Hard Dragon Skin 3 pt Cobre
3s Leather Armor

Stamina Talisman

Hard Fur 8 pt Beak 7s
High-Quality Wool 7 pt Wooly 6s
Linen Cloth 5 pt Crow Killer
Little Wyvern Wing 5 pt Rutin 5s Kuwagumo

Magi Vein

Minotaur Skin 10 pt Minotaur 9s Minotaur Staff

Minotaur's Katana

Mochelo Fur 5 pt Mochelo 4s
Mochelo Pelt Mochelo Fightwear
Plant Skin 2 pt Coryn
Potum Fin 6pt Soda Potum Adel Sword
Rat Fur 5pt Ratia Axe Bowgun
Reptile Skin 3 pt Elizard 3s
Slimy Skin 2 pt Miwi 1s
Small Gloves 2 pt Ruin Rat 1s Iron Knuckles
Soft Fur 2 pt Wooly 1s
Spider Thread 3 pt Pomum 3s Leather Armor
Sturdy Fur 5 pt Boar
Little BoarGreen Boar
4s Straye Garb
Thick Black Cloth 5 pt Gespenst 4s
Thick Frog Skin 2 pt Rio Frosch 1s
Torn Big Sack 6 pt Goblin 5s
Torn Cloth 4 pt Goblin 4s
Torn Jute Sack 2 pt Ghost 1s Market Hat
Torn Rope 2 pt Ghost 3s
Wolf Fur 2 pt Hound 1s Warrior Mail
White Fur 4 pt White Hound


Item Name Process Amount Drops From Sale Price Use for Crafting
Boss Colon Skin 7 pt Boss Colon 6s Warrior Mail
Burnt Wood 2 pt Calron 3s
Colon Skin 3 pt Colon

Helm Colon

Cracked Stick Orc Bone Blade
Crushed Wood Chip 4 pt Goblin 5s
Hard Stem 6 pt Pico 5s Aobato
Kijimu Splinter 4 pt Kijimu 3s Aobato
Nisel Wood 4 pt Shell Mask 3s Great Sword
Small Hilt 3 pt Ruin Rat
Soldier Rat
3s Iron Blade


Small Wood 3 pt Shell Mask 3s
Strong Vine 6 pt Conoppy 6s
Sweet-Smelling Wood 6 pt Squire 5s Fragrant Wood

Iron Bow


Tree Root 2 pt Pain Leaf 1s Hard Wood Bow
Vine 4 pt Pain Leaf 3s Long Bow
Woodchip 2 pt Corda
Shell Mask
1s Nameless Uchigatana
Wood Stick 3 pt Guardian Statue 2s Stubborn Hammer

Long Bow

Young Branch 5 pt Coryn


Item Name Process Amount Drops From Sale Price Use for Crafting
Bead Fragment 1 pt Guardian Statue
Black Miasma Eerie Crystal Magic Crystal Armor
Blazing Crystal Flame Roar Fire Staff
Breeze Crystal 2 pt Wind Roar 7s Wind Talisman


Colored Shard 1 pt Guild Maze 1s
Empress Aura Ancient Empress (Boss) Empress Soul

Empress Bowgun

Empress Hair Accessory Ancient Empress (Boss) Empress Soul
Evil Page 2 pt Devil's Book 7s
Gemstone Heart Glasch Fairy Peace
Lava Crystal Stone Knight Magic Crystal Armor


Light Shard 1 pt Guild Maze 1s
Magic Marionette Heart Sword Marionette

Mage Marionette

Rock Staff
Nail of Demon's Gate Demon's Gate (Boss) Sword of Sin
New Moon Stone Stone Vita Cores

Ooze Staff

Outer World Planet Planet Head Storm Staff
Pale Gemstone Excavated Golem (Boss) Mage Robe

Water Staff

Magi Klug

Parasite Crystal Parasitized Dog Arched Bowgun
Rainbow Stone Forestia Ooze Armor
Remnant of Ghost 1 pt Ghost
Runestone Mauez Vita Cores

Magic Bowgun

Turbid Crystal 1 pt Night Mushroom
Purple Jelly
Dark Mushroom
Eerie Crystal
5s Magic Feather
Wandering Spirit 2 pt Skeleton 20pt Elflame
Crystal of Flowing Water 2pt Voda Roar Ice Arrow


Item Name Process Amount Drops From Sale Price Use for Crafting
Burning Liquid 4 pt Red Jelly


Burnt Coal 8 pt 7s
Butterfly Scale 2 pt Farfalla 1s
Clear Water 5 pt Voda RoarSoda Potum 4s Kiraboshi
Colon Leaf 2 pt Colon
Helm Colon
Boss Colon
1s Vita Plus I
Flower Nectar 3 pt Farfalla
5s Revita I

Revita II

Revita III

Revita IV

Revita V

Four-Leaf Clover 10 pt Forest Wolf 7s Forest Wolf Cape

Hunter's Garb

Glowing Dust 2 pt Roar 2s
Huge Leaf 4 pt Squire 3s
Icule Water Miwi


Magi Vein
Living Liquid 5 pt SlimeAqua Jelly 5s
Lotus Leaf 4 pt Frosch 3s
Mushroom Spore 2 pt Night Mushroom 1s Knuckle Duster
Pale Gelatin Aqua Jelly
Petal 2 pt Kijimu 1s
Pomum Leaf 2 pt Pomum 1s
Quicksand Crystal Scalar Roar Scimitar


Red Petal 2 pt Kijimu 1s
Small Tinder 1 pt Calron
Fire Ghost
Soda Water 8pt Soda Potum
Sticky Liquid 2 pt Blue Jelly
Gold Jelly
Green Jelly
Purple Jelly
Torn Page 3 pt Devil's Book 3s
Unripe Nut 4 pt 5s