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Level req Quest Name Quest item/monsters Quest rewards
4 Fancy Fabric

Bird Wing x10

Fluffy Fur x20

Soft Fur x30

Potum Hat x1

EXP 1,584

8 Luxurious Wallpaper Boss Colon Skin x1

Refinement Powder x1

EXP 56

12 Small Articles in the Temple Small Articles x30 Aristocrat Ring x1

EXP 11,400

16 Gems in Ruins Pale Gems x2

Magic Hammer x1

EXP 200

20 Proof of courage? Minotaur Skins x3 Anti-degradation x1

EXP 372

24 Horns and Punishment Collect Brutal Dragon Horns x2 Longblade* x1

EXP 592

28 The Fiery Gem Collect Fiery Gem x1 Fluffy Tail x1

EXP 1,720

40 Superficial Knowledge of Magic Collect Magic Marionette Heart x40 Revita III x1

EXP 86,000

45 Servant's Training? Collect Huge Iron Ball x30 Metal Box I x1

EXP 90,000

50 Pride of the Rich Collect Nightmare Crystal x99 EXP 300,000
55 Avenge with Dolls Collect Wooden Doll x99 EXP 380,000
60 Risky Gamble Collect Parasite Crystals x99 Revita II x10

EXP 400,000

*Longblade [Two-Handed Sword]: ATK: 50 (70)%, Untradable, ATK +1%, Critical Rate +8, Accuracy -9