Knuckles are one of the four weapon types in Toram Online. They are a melee weapon that specializes in doing multiple attacks at a time. With fully built stats they will have much lower ATK than other physical weapon types but they have very high ASPD without gear and have high Evasion as well.

They gain 2 ATK from AGI and 1 from DEX. They work well with the dagger sub-weapon and use skills from the Martial Skills skill tree.

Name Base Attack Effect

(Monster Drop)



Materials Needed to Craft Price/ Location/Troop
Knuckles 7 (90%) None None Metal x3


Starter Knuckles, Piedra

Iron Knuckles 11 (90%) None Atk MP Rec +1

Dodge +2

Small Gloves x30

Metal x25


Pain Leaf

Knuckle Duster 17 (90%) None Atk MP Rec +1

Dex +2
Attack Speed +3%

Small Article x5

Mushroom Spore x30
Metal x50


Little Boar

Minotaur Knuckles 23 (85%) Fire Element

Critical Rate +10 Accuracy -20%

N/A Drop Only N/A Drop Only MinotaurRare Drop
Claws 23 (90%) None Atk MP Rec +2

Agi +2%
Crit Damage +2%

Brutal Dragon Claw x5

Heated Fang x10
Metal x50
Wood x25



Volcanic Claws 30 (90%) Atk MP Rec +1

Motion Speed +2%
Dodge +3%
Evasion Rate +4%

Atk MP Rec +2

Motion Speed +2%
Dodge +2%
Evasion Rate +2%

Flare Volg Claw x10

Fiery Gem x1
Beast x125
Metal x75


Flare VolgRare Drop

Golem Arm 33 (85%) Earth Element

ATK +1%
Long Range Damage +1%
Physical Pierce +1%

N/A Drop Only N/A Drop Only Ruin Golem
Jamadhar 30 (90%) Attack MP Recovery +2

Critical Rate +30%
DEX +2

Attack MP Recovery +2

Critical Rate +40%
DEX +3

Stone Blade x20

Damascus Ore x5
Metal x75
Wood x25


Turquoise Lionfish

Cat Paws 1 (100%) N/A Craft Only ATK -50%

Attack Speed +1000

Potum Nail x35

Forest Wolf Skin x1
Beast x40
Cloth x35

Hard Knuckles 57


N/A Craft Only Attack MP Recovery +3

Physical Resistance +6% ATK +1% Guard Rate +5%

Guard Power +5%

Dark Grey Metal Plate x20

High-Purity Oil x5

Metal x100

Cloth x25

Iron Thorns 48 (90%) ATK +3%

Critical Rate +50%

Accuracy -6%

Shining Beak x24

Outer World Nail x16

Metal x110

Beast x40

Berserker Cestuses 51 (90%) Dark Element

ATK +2%

DEX +4

MaxHP +8%

Motion Speed +1%

Heavy Tough Chain x4

Mithril x1

Metal x350

Beast x300

Emeldia 65 (90%) Wind Element

Attack MP Recovery +4

Short Range Damage +2%

Attack Speed +80%

STR +3%

Jade Raptor Horn x2

Jade Raptor Armor Fur x4

Metal x500

Beast x300

Tri Claws 56 (90%) Water Element

ATK +3%

MaxMP +300

Accuracy +30

Cracked Big Axe x1

Evil Spirit Claw x20

Beast x125

Metal x50

Katar 65 (90%) Short Range Damage +4%

Evasion Rate +10%

Physical Pierce +15%

DEF -15%

MDEF -15%

Pointed Blade x20

Strong-looking Fist x20

Metal x175

Wood x25

Iceclaw Snow 70 (90%) Water Element

Critical Rate +3%

Critical Damage +1%

Additional Magic 100%



Ice Rose x1

Twilight Dragon Wing x5

Evil Crystal Beast Claw x3

Mana x425

Gardien 87 (90%) Fire Element

Short Range Damage +4%

Attack MP Recovery +4

MaxHP +300

Guard Rate +3%

Guard Power +3%

Cerberus Hell Claw x4

Cerberus Head Crystal x2

Beast x750

Metal x250

Devil Claws 76 (90%) Dark Element

Anticipate 7%

Attack MP Recovery +1

Critical Rate +20%

Attack Speed +500

Dark Element

Anticipate 10%

Attack MP Recovery +2

Critical Rate +30%

Attack Speed +500

Scorched Dragon Skin x15

Weird Creature Cell x30

Beast x125

Cloth x 100


Dropped by [unkown]

Epetal 90 (90%) +25% damage to Neutral

ATK +4%

Critical Damage +4

Unstoppable Clock Hand x6

Crooked Blade x14

Metal x150

Beast x100