Halberd weapons are one of the newest next to Katana, weapon types of Toram. They take the look of a spear. They are weapons that do decent damage and have a little bit more range than a one-handed sword.. They do more damage when used in tandem with the dagger sub-weapon.

They use skills from the Halberd Skill tree and must be equipped to use them. A full strength build is highly recommended. Ratburat's guide for various halberd builds can be found on Toram Online Forums



Base Attack Status Materials Needed to Craft Price/Location
Spear 16(60%) N/A Metal x3pts 5s

Default Weapon

Glaive 27(60%) Crafted:

MaxMP +100

Accuracy +2

Cracked Stone x20

Metal x25pts

Heavy Spear 40(60%) Crafted:

Critical Rate +6

Accuracy -3

Orange Crystal Fragment x20

Wood Stick x20

Metal x50pts


Guardian Statue - Ruined Temple

Bardiche 54(60%) Crafted:

Atk +1%

Critical Damage +2

MaxMP + 200

Zoktzda Stone x20

Lava Fragment x30

Metal x40pts

Wood x35pts


Soldier rat (scaro town)

Trident 70(60%) Crafted:

Wind Element

Evasion Rate +5%

Dodge +5%

New Moon Stone x5

Long Stone Stick x20

Metal x75pts

Wood x50pts

Magic Crystal Spear 46(60%) Crafted:

Dark Element

Attack MP Recovery + 1

MaxMP +50

Dodge -5%

Black Crystal Fragment x3

Black Miasma x1

Metal x140pts

Mana x10pts


Eerie Crystal - Isthmus of Kaus