Frente is located near the General Store: Sololo in Sofya City, at the bottom left corner of the map.

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Frente Map

Sofya City: Frente Location

Level Req. Quest Name Quest Goals Quest Rewards
5 Hunting Small Monsters Defeat 5 "Torpo" in Underground Ruins.Defeat 5 "Ruin Rat" in Underground Ruins. Bowgun x1


9 The Uninvited Defeat 10 "Piedra" in Reug Salt Plains: Wanderers' Camp.Defeat 10 "Pomum" in Reug Salt Plains: Wanderers' Camp.

Defeat 10 "Wooly" in Reug Salt Plains: Wanderers' Camp.

Power Knife x1

EXP 420

13 Frente's Cooking Collect Chicken Meat x18.

Collect Pomum Leaf x6.

Chicken Salad x5

EXP 1,814

17 The Walking Plants Defeat 30 "Pain Leaf" in Isthmus of Kaus.Defeat 30 "Purple Jelly" in Isthmus of Kaus.

Defeat 30 "Night Mushroom" in Isthmus of Kaus.

Iron x1

EXP 2,250

21 Goblins in the Ruined Temple Defeat 50 "Goblins" in Ruined Temple. Straye Garb x1

EXP 4,650

25 Weed Out! Defeat 30 "Little Boar" in Nisel Mountain.

Defeat 30 "Shell Mask" in Nisel Mountain.

Headband x1

EXP 2,200

29 A Handmade Bag

Collect Broken Linen Thread x30.

Collect Linen Cloth x20.

Collect Black Fur x10.

Honey Cookie* x5

EXP 9,870

32 Sololo's Party Collect Clear Water x5.

Collect Sweet-Smelling Wood x10.

Collect Sashmi x15.

Sashimi Plate* x1

EXP 39,000

41 Frente's New Cooking Recipe Collect Soft Leaf x30.

Collect Carrot x12.

Collect Soda Water x6.

Carrot Soda Soup* x1

EXP 53,000

47 Frente's Nutritious Dish Collect Bear Meat x30.

Collect Black Gelatin x15.

Bear Meat Jelly Soup* x1

EXP 142,000

52 Ingredients of Chicken Dish Collect Chicken Tender x15.

Collect Dried Straw x30.

Straw Grilled Chicken* x10

EXP 64,100

58 Green Mushroom a Rare Ingredient Collect Green Mushroom x30. Sauteed Mushroom* x1

EXP 120,000

*Honey Cookie: Restores 10 MP every 3 seconds for 3 minutes.

*Sashimi Plate: Recovers 3000 HP.

*Carrot Soda Soup: Recovers 1500 HP.

*Bear Meat Jelly Soup: Restores 20 MP every 10 seconds for 30 minutes.

*Straw Grilled Chicken: Restores 30 MP every 6 seconds for 180 seconds (3 minutes).

*Sauteed Mushroom: Restores 40 MP every 10 seconds for 30 minutes.