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Quest Name Quest Goals Quest Rewards
6 Mystery in the Underground Channel Defeat 20 "Ghost" in the Underground Channel Magi Klug* x1

EXP 220

10 Paste Bait Collect Woodchip x15.

Collect Mushroom Spore x15.
Collect Butterfly Scale x15.

Vita Plus 1 x1

EXP 1,944

14 Souvenir Pendulum Collect Turbid Crystal x12.

Collect Vine x8.

Pendulum* x1

EXP 2,948

18 Ship Repairman Collect Torn Cloth x15.

Collect Wood Stick x40.

Kite Shield x1

EXP 4,158

22 Fear in the Underground Channel Defeat 30 "Ghost" in the Underground Channel

Defeat "Gespenst" in the Underground Channel

Bandana* x1

EXP 1,280

26 Bon Voyage Collect Fire Resistant Fabric x15.

Collect Jagged Fang x15.

Iron Barrel* x1

EXP 6,330

30 Preserved Foods Collect Heated Fang x5.

Collect Flame Grass x10.

Collect Chicken Meat x20.

Ship Cap* x1

EXP 14,512

38 Talisman in Fashion Collect Marionette String x10.

Collect Reptile Bone x25.

Calm Earring x1

EXP 25,000

44 For The Ship Passenger Collect Broadcloth x10.

Collect Bitter Medicine x30.

Tricorn x1

EXP 93,500

49 Charm Sail Collect Beast Mane x30.

Collect Sheeting Fabric x30.

Sailor's Dagger x1

EXP 38,000

*Magi Klug [Magic Devices] - ATK: 5 (70%), Untradable, Water Element, Max MP +100
*Pendulum [Special Gear] - DEF: 0, Critical Rate +5
*Bandana [Additional Gear] - DEF: 7, Dodge +2, Natrual HP Regen +5%
*Iron Barrel [Bowgun] - ATK: 20 (50%), Untradable, Max MP +100
*Ship Cap [Additional Gear] - DEF:18, Untradable, 3% damage to Fire, Max HP+6%, Dodge -6%, Fire Resistance -9%