Please note that the event you are currently viewing about has already ended on May 12th 2016.

Golden Week consists of several national holidays, and Children’s Day is one of them.
On Children’s Day, we raise carp-shaped streamers and display Kabuto (Samurai helmet) to wish children’s healthy growth.

So, we have added “Origami Kabuto” and “Carp Streamer Hat” as the seasonal event equipment!

During the event period, “Carp Streamer Hat” boosts EXP from monsters, and “Origami Kabuto” boosts Drop Rates!

You can create both items at the blacksmith’s.

Do not miss this chance!

Event Period: After the maintenance on April 27th ~ Before the maintenance on May 12th

Limited-Time Recipes for “Children’s Day”Edit

Limited-Time Recipes for Children’s Day Event have been added.

Visit the Blacksmith: “Zaldo” in Sofya City and you can create the following items!

Toram origami kabuto

Origami Kabuto

Origami KabutoEdit

  • Additional Gear
  • DEF: 1
  • Untradable
  • MaxMP +100
  • Attack MP Recovery +1
  • Fire Resistance -10%
  • The event is being held! EXP Gain +10%
  • Base DEF: (1)
Toram carp streamer hat

Carp Streamer Hat

Carp Streamer HatEdit

  • Additional Gear
  • DEF: 1
  • Untradable
  • MaxHP +5%
  • Physical Resitance +5%
  • Magic Resistance +5%
  • The event is being held! Drop Rate +10%
  • Base DEF: (1)